2019 Talent Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda




Competing for Talent

Diversity & Innovation

Engagement & Culture


7:30-8:30 AM

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8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast Keynote:

The Imposter Syndrome - CYBELE NEGRIS, President CEO & Co-Founder of Webnames.ca


SESSION ONE                   

9:15-10:15 AM



Hiring Successfully in a Candidate-Driven Market: A Design Thinking Workshop

Brianna Blaney, Envol Strategies                                  

Finding great people for your business is hard. With unemployment in British Columbia at historic lows, and persistent labour shortages in technology, hiring has become more challenging than ever. Without the right employees on your team, you can't take on new projects or meet important deadlines. On average, top candidates are only “on the market” for ten days. How can employers possibly keep up?!

Let’s be real: you already knew that. We all read the same articles, hear the same podcasts and ‘like’ the same posts. But where do you actually start to attract top talent? What the heck do you even do?

Go beyond the buzzwords! Join us for a collaborative design thinking workshop to co-create practical strategies to effectively attract and hire the right people for the right jobs. 

During this hands-on workshop, we will dive into what you need to understand, know and — most importantly — DO to successfully attract and hire top talent. Practical, with just enough blue sky dreaming to fuel your hiring BHAGs!

Accelerate Transformation: 

What it Takes to Succeed

Michelle Moore, Lee Hecht Harrison,  Knightsbridge                  

In today’s disrupted, fast-paced and rapidly evolving world, continuous improvement and change are no longer enough to keep organizations customer-relevant and competitive.  

Continual transformation is the new normal and people need different mindsets and skill-sets to accomplish business goals and succeed personally.  In this workshop participants will discuss the difference between change and transformation, the typical barriers and enablers to transformation, and the people capabilities required to succeed.

How To Integrate Culture After an Acquisition

Kathy Enros, Galvanize

Integrating culture successfully after an acquisition is critical to the overall success of an integration.  Find out how a successful culture integration can have positive impact on engagement, employee retention, the speed of the integration, happy customers and overall organizational results.  

Using Galvanize as a case study, I will share best practices and lessons learned from an HR and culture perspective during our integration of Rsam, a US based GRC company that Galvanize acquired in early 2019.

Courageous Leadership

Tara Cree, Cree Leadership Consulting

To be a leader today means facing uncertainty and risk on a regular basis. Within that environment there is an incredible amount of pressure o perform. Mistakes are judged harshly, failure is often public, critics abound. In response, many leaders adopt a 'failure is not an option' mantra; being perfect is the only option for success. And yet this approach to leadership does not drive those tings we need more of in our teams and organizations : trust, connection, engagement, accountability, adaptability to change, innovation, creativity....In fact, it does just the opposite.

In this interactive workshop, based on Brene Brown's latest book Dare to LeadTM you will learn: 

- What it really takes to drive these crucial organizational  elements and why this requires courageous leadership

- What the barriers to courageous leadership are and how to overcome those barriers

- Where you, as a leader, stand on this leadership dimension and specific action steps you can take to be a more courageous leader




10:15-10:45 Coffee break



10:45-11:45 AM



How Quickly Can I Access International Talent?

Panel facilitated by Craig Natsuhara (EY) with Shirley Andriesh (1QBit), Sarah MacKay (Unbounce)

An informative and insightful panel discussion on immigration and talent.

More details coming soon.

Energy, Empathy and Diversity: How We All Contribute to an Inclusive

Marco Pasqua, Entrepreneur, Accessibility Consultant and Inspirational 

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace has been a topic that has gained traction over the past several years, but what does that really mean?

Marco will share some of his personal lived experiences as a person with a disability in the workforce and how the smallest of changes to attitude, the physical environment and the way to interact with others will make a lasting impact as we move towards the future of employment in BC.



Kindness is the New Morale

Olivia McIvor, The Organizational Culture Group

Antibullying awareness globally has shown us that how we treat one another is directly affecting attraction, retention, burnout, and impacting the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm at work and at schools nationally.  Think of Kindness as the new morale and this work reinforces competencies around specific character traits/competencies and rekindles actionable behaviours that give way to a culture where safety, respect and being valued is tactile.

This session is a “roll-up your sleeves” session to gain a greater understanding of how our research and work influences behaviour at home, at work and within our communities. It will bring to life the value of ‘kindness’, by taking participants deeper into the tenets and 12 Character building traits of the Kindness Speaks culture enrichment driver.

No One Sees Your Skills: Leveraging a Strong Professional Presence for Success

Katherine Lazaruk, Lazaruk Consulting

Being a leader in today’s attention deficit economy requires more than a strong skill set. In flatter corporate hierarchies, engaging, inspiring and influencing others is paramount to your success. Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished through technical skill alone.

The most influential among us are masters of showing up well – they tell strong stories, have a clear personal brand and resonate strongly with others. Your professional presence communicates more about you than you think and can open the door to opportunities you may be missing.
The good news is that you can exercise a great deal of control over how you’re perceived and it’s all about getting the details down. In this interactive presentation, you will learn:

- The key elements of a strong professional presence 

- What your professional presence can do for you

- How to identify and refine your personal brand for effective presence development

12:00-2:00 PM Lunch  
12:30-1:45 PM Lunch Keynote:

The Great Rewrite - LEONARD BRODY, Business and Technology Visionary



2:00-3:00 PM



Move the Talent or Move to the Talent

Panel facilitated by: 

John Hankins(MIBI)

with Brenda Bailey (DigiBC), Jean-Guy Niquet (LDRLYGames), and Monica Tsai (Kabam Games)

With increasing costs and longer commute times of operating in Vancouver what options are open to companies to attract and retain talent. 

Do you Stay, Relocate or set up a Satellite office?  

Through this interactive session you will hear from 3 of your peers on how each of them has addressed this challenge, the reason for their choices and their experience to date. You will also hear firsthand how more affordable towns and cities in BC are working to attract Tech to consider establishing a presence in their location.

Bring Yourself to Work Day! Understanding and Fostering Psychological
Safety in the Workplace

Victoria Brydon and Megan Richardson, D-Wave Systems

This presentation is important for anyone looking to dive deeper into inclusion and diversity in their organization. Psychological safety is a key component in promoting an inclusive workforce.

We will share information about what psychological safety is all about, why it was the right topic and right time for D-Wave, and lessons learned from our survey and process. We’ll also share how to overcome some of the tougher challenges like getting organizational buy-in, and ‘what do we do now?’ once the results came in.

Attendees will receive concrete information to understand psychological safety and its importance in the D&I spectrum, on how to build a psychological safety survey, key points in getting buy in to explore this topic company wide, and tips on how to push forward at key moments along the way. This is a practical, real journey into a very important topic for innovative companies.

Growing Up in Growth Mode - HR, Benefits & Legal Advice for the Next Phase

Panel discussion with Matthew Larsen (Fasken), Kandy Cantwell (Montridge), Christine Willow (Chemistry Consulting)

Designed to be interactive, the session will include a discussion component so that ideas can be shared. The panel will draw upon their extensive experience to provide valuable, current information for avoiding landmines that may not be evident. While aimed at growth-stage companies, this session will be of interest and value to all HR teams.

This expert panel will discuss 10 things every growth company should prioritize from an HR, legal, and benefits perspective.



Influencing Without Authority

Tyler Wier, Kwela Leadership and Talent Management

During this interactive and experiential session, you will improve your ability to influence others, and have your ideas adopted more often through reformulating your ideas based on other’s needs, determining and adapting your style to others’ preferences, and by applying influence styles, strategies and tact.

3:00-3:30 Coffee break



3:30-4:30 PM


Getting Real with Recruitment Story-telling Can Help You Capture the Talent You are Looking For

Sarah Blackmore, Eventbase

Have you ever heard that statement "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" The same goes for recruitment story-telling. In an age of radical-candor and authentic transparency, candidates expect more and more from their recruitment process.

In this session you can expect to hear some real life tales from the recruitment front lines, some truth bombs and take away some tools you can use to help build your biggest business challenges into reasons why your candidates should pick you, how to work with your recruitment team to make sure your brand story is consistent, and how to coach your c-suite on why transparent recruitment is the only way to engage with candidates.

Innovation and Developing an Open Mindset

Scott Orth, Mindful Wisdom

In a world that changes quickly, we need the skills for greater creativity, innovation and agility. All too often we can find ourselves defending a position, or sticking to what we know, when what is required is for us to see other perspectives, possibilities and options.

The ability to accept what is happening (rather than resist it or wish it were different), explore options outside of the norm and find fresh possibilities to our challenges not only produces better results, it greatly lowers our stress levels. Fighting for our opinion or belief is important in some situations, but all too often we rigidly (and often unconsciously) cling to what we know—pushing us in a fight or flight response and/or keeping us stuck in undesired outcomes. This is physically, emotionally and mentally draining and limits our creativity and ability to be innovative.  

Culture Assassins - How to Kill a Workplace Culture

Tim Reitsma, Culture Assassins & SPARK Creations                              

Did you know there are Culture Assassins all around us? They have the ability to infiltrate our workplaces and change them. Maybe you’ve recognized a Culture Assassin for who they are and what they’re doing, or maybe you didn’t, until one day you realized that your workplace culture was not quite what it used to be. Some Culture Assassins create toxic environments. But do not fear! Other Culture Assassins have the ability to turn a culture around for the good of the organization.

In this interactive panel discussion, we will explore the lessons learned by Senior Executives and People & Culture Leaders, as they fearlessly share their crazy and inspiring stories about working with Culture Assassins. Get ready to learn how to identify a Culture Assassin, how to work with one, and how to become a Culture Assassin that makes a positive difference.

FLOURISH TO LEAD: 5 Self-Leadership Strategies to Win at Work and in Life

Lisa Martin, Leadership Coach & Author

This session can transform your leadership and life. After coaching thousands of leaders to succeed, best-selling author and executive coach, Lisa Martin, has discovered 5 self-leadership strategies to help you flourish. She’s put them into a framework called the FLOURISH Success Path, which she’ll share with you in this session.

You’ll assess your personal pain points and determine the right actions to take so you can flourish as a leader on your terms. You’ll leave the session with your own personal FLOURISH plan and practical tools you can apply immediately at work and home.

4:30 PM Cocktail Reception (Wine sponsored by Willis Towers Watson)

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