Active D&I Support for Tech Firms: Diversity Audits

As part of our Diversity and Inclusion Tech Project, Veza Strategy is conducting diversity audits for tech firms across BC. These audits will identify gaps that lead to high turnover rates and a lack of diverse representation in leadership. Audits will also provide companies with a strategy that can boost employee satisfaction, retention, marketing success, and their bottom line - without the need for a large HR team. 

Veza Strategy audits are based on extensive research and experience in Diversity and Inclusion best practices. They conduct an in-depth survey of your organization’s policies, practices, and outcomes to identify gaps and areas for improvement. The review is followed by recommendations for implementing a D&I strategy and key initiatives to support your team to improve its methods, evolve its culture, and foster buy-in at every level.  

A limited number of audits will be provided cost-free as a part of the province-wide D&I project and applications are being evaluated, in part on the company’s commitment to activate change.  

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To ensure that as many companies as possible have access to this valuable resource, Veza Strategy will be offering additional Diversity Assessments and Audits at a discounted rate. This discount is valid until January 31st, 2020. Click here for more information.


Questions? Please email Manpreet Dhillon at Veza Strategy: manpreet@vezaglobal.com

Diversity Audits