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As a non-profit group we are always looking for ways to add more value to the tech industry, but we can’t do that by ourselves. We need others who believe in what we do and want to be a part of the community, to collaborate and to lead together, so that we can collectively make a difference.

Before we go any further there are a couple things you need to know so you can get the most out of a membership plan:

We offer annual Company Memberships:

1-2 HR Reps for just $495 CAN

3-5 HR Reps for just $695 CAN

6+ HR Reps for just $895 CAN

All members must also participate in and purchase our Tech Salary Survey. There’s more information on that below.

For this season, we are offering Regional Member Rates for both annual membership and the 2021 Salary Survey. The rates are available to BC companies located outside Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and the Sea to Sky Corridor. Regional annual membership rates start at $395 CAN.

To become a member, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • A company or division of a company operating in Canada whose core business is the development and/or distribution of technology-based products or services (a tech sector company or division).
  • Have a dedicated HR rep.
  • Have at least 30 employees. 


Members are also required to participate in and purchase the annual Tech Salary Survey for $1,175 CAN (or $850 CAN for Regional Members). This is a 50%+ savings from the non-participant price. For 2021, participating Alberta members will receive the Tech Salary Survey for free! 

(If unable to meet this requirement due to extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us at to discuss.)


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What are the Benefits of our Membership?

BC Tech Salary Survey

  • This has been the leading BC Tech Salary Survey for more than 20 years, with 150 BC tech companies participating.
  • The 2020 survey has expanded into Alberta and includes Alberta Tech Salary data for 35 positions.
  • The survey is produced in partnership with Mercer, and the survey questionnaire is completed in May and June by our members and the results are available in early September.
  • Participant rate is only $1,175 CAN ($850 CAN for Regional Members), which is a 50%+ savings from the retail price of $2,395 CAN.
  • More than 200 positions are reported (from CEO to Cloud Ops Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, CFX Artist and Customer Success Manager) in the following tech subsectors: IT, digital media and gaming, visual FX / animation, wireless, alternative energy and life sciences.


Click here to learn more about specific positions.

Benefits Buying Plan and Benefits Survey

  • Free Tech Benefits Survey report every 2 years
  • Participate in the tech industry benefits buying plan with other members. By pooling our premiums together, member companies are saving significant amounts of money! Plans are unique to your organization in terms of experience ratios and plan design.
  • Access valuable benefits consulting services provided by HUB International, our tech industry experts.


Learn more about our member benefits program with HUB International here.

Tools & Resources

Stay updated on hot HR topics for tech companies with tools and resources we offer our members. Tools like:

  • Mini-surveys – consult our custom survey databank of competitive employment practices in the BC tech industry (vacation, overtime, benefits, among others)
  • Weekly newsletters with links to news, articles, best practices for HR in tech
  • Events for HR practitioners in the tech industry (qualifying for CPHR credits) – topics have included “Building the HR Business Case”, “Talent Planning”, “Design Thinking”, “Creating Thriving Teams”, “Compensation Analysis”, “Immigration Pathways to Hiring Global Talent” among others.
  • Networking opportunities with other HR professionals at tech companies
  • Special Interest Groups and Roundtables– participate in smaller working groups with other HR professionals from local companies (e.g. Recruitment, HR Generalist, and Emerging Practitioner SIGs).
  • HR Job Posting Board – Post your HR openings to our member only job board.
  • Mentorship program – become a mentor and give back to your community, or be a mentee and learn from senior HR practitioners in tech.
  • Conferences – Tech Talent Conference is a one-day conference on best employee practices for tech companies – held every other year. Members save on conference fees.
If there’s anything we can help you with or if you have any other questions please let us know here. We’re here to help!

Great benefits await you!

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