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Benefit Plan Testimonials


Natasha Gordon - Senior Director Human Resources, Hostway

Providing a great benefits plan to employees is important to Hostway.  We have been able to achieve this through the HR Tech Group Benefits Buying Plan and the consultants at Morneau Shepell.   The Buying Plan has reduced our costs while increasing our negotiating power – this is especially important to us given that we have a smaller staff group in BC than the rest of North America.  We have had full autonomy in our plan design while negotiating and retaining excellent premiums. The consultants at Morneau Shepell have been excellent to work with, providing a never-ending source of knowledge and expertise in their field.


Elizabeth Barnard - Vice President People Operations, OSI Maritime Systems

I have been a part of the HR Tech Group Benefits plan with my last three companies.  There are two reasons I keep coming back.

1)The service: The Morneau Shepell team consistently provides my team and I with excellent customer service. They are responsive, knowledgeable and tenacious with the providers. They have the knowledge to back my company up against the big insurance companies and find compromise when none existed. I recently rejoined the HRTG buying plan after a horrible experience with a broker and insurer I had inherited. The Morneau Shepell Team stepped in and negotiated a settlement with insurer that was acceptable for both parties. This would not have been possible before. I also really enjoy the High Tech Benefits survey and the insights it provides me with. I love that I can get the benefits of being part of a larger group while still having the autonomy to design the best plan for my workforce.


2)The cost savings: I remember presenting the Benefits plan I had designed with Morneau to the Board at Inimex (a small Biotech start up) and a number of the board members asked if they could join because the breadth of the offering was greater than what they had at their company and for far less % of salary. When Blast Radius joined the group the initial savings were 9%. For D-Wave, the initial savings were 11.6% which allowed us to reinvest in better coverage. In addition to the initial savings, Morneau Shepell continues to aggressively manage the HRTG Buying plan costs, allowing me confidence in the predictability of the rates.


Overall I am very satisfied with the HR Tech Group which is why I would highly recommend it for both large and small employers.


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