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Will our Tech Industry Return to the Office?

Restrictions are being lifted and retail businesses are slowly opening up, but will our tech industry return to the office? The short answer is yes, a little bit at a time. It will be slow and staged. Cautious and collaborative. Not all will return. So what does that look like?

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Remote On-Boarding in 2020

Wondering just how much on-boarding is needed for a remote hire? Isn’t it enough to simply send an all-hands email announcing the new hire? Possibly with a picture and a brief bio? Well, it’s not that simple…let us explain why and share some tips on how.

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05 How to Survive Stressful Times

How to Survive Stressful Times

We talk a lot about well-being, mental health, stress and anxiety these days, and with good reason. There is rather a lot to be stressed and anxious about during a global pandemic! So how best to survive during this stressful time?.

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The Pay Gap Problem in Tech

Wondering if we have a Pay Gap Problem in our tech sector? The pay gap is tangible and sizable, both overall and within roles. It is also something that is easily measured within each company, but few companies actually pause to measure it. Want to take action ?

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Diversity and Inclusion – Where do I even start?

Overwhelmed by the task of making your workplace more diverse and inclusive? Not sure what you can do about it and where to begin? Keep reading to get some practical tips which will have you on your way in no time.

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