Group Benefits Buying Plan

Our Benefits Buying Plan is a valuable part of your membership with the HR Tech Group.  The Buying Plan enables members to obtain group insurance for their employees at a reduced rate as a result of our aggregate purchasing power.  The savings come from a reduction in the insurers’ fixed costs, administration fees, and expenses.  Our program provides a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace and has served our members well over the years.

Your key benefits:
1. REDUCE your group benefits cost
2. INCREASE the sustainability of savings into the future
3. MAINTAIN your autonomy with respect to your plan design

Under the Benefits Buying Plan, each firm’s full autonomy is maintained in determining plan design.  You choose the benefits you wish to offer, the design of your plan and how you want it funded and underwritten, i.e. insured, retention accounting or self-insured.  Each firm receives full disclosure of all financial information similar to what you typically receive from an insurer outside of the Buying Plan.

Morneau Shepell is the designated consultant that manages the HR Tech Group Benefits Buying Plan on our behalf and they work directly with many of our members.  In addition, Morneau Shepell conducts our bi-annual benefits survey which provides very useful information specifically about our industry.  They use this information to conduct competitive positioning reports for member firms through benchmarking exercises, a service that is highly valued.

Many member firms have found significant cost savings when comparing the Benefits Buying Plan to their existing benefits arrangement.  To find out more about our Benefits Buying Plan and the services you could receive, please contact Gavin Scott, Principal, Health & Benefits, Morneau Shepell at 604.642.5229 or Ingrid Gailler at Morneau Shepell at or 604.642.5221 and you can view this 2 minute video for more info.

Morneau Shepell is Canada’s only consulting and outsourcing company that takes an integrative approach to health, benefits, retirement, and employee assistance needs. With more than 8,000 clients and 3 million plan members, they help increase engagement, productivity, and financial outcomes, while reducing risk, to enhance competitiveness and business success. Morneau Shepell has been a leading provider of human resources consulting and outsourcing services for nearly 50 years.

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