How to become a Sponsor

Want to become a sponsor?
What does becoming a sponsor mean to us? To us, it’s more than just a transaction. It’s the beginning of a strong relationship where we can share ideas and work together to support and elevate the tech industry. We invite organizations to take on tech industry leadership roles as sponsors of our association.

As a non-profit organization, sponsors are critical to our operation, and that’s why we focus on building long term relationships. Each and every sponsor becomes our partner in supporting a thriving and diverse tech economy.

We have two types of sponsorship opportunities:

Our Annual Sponsorship Opportunities are all-encompassing in that your sponsorship contribution supports our educational sessions, membership services and offerings and special events.

Annual sponsors of our group have the largest level of exposure to our membership and broader audience.

Our Conferences and Symposiums deliver informative sessions designed to fit the diverse needs of our technology community.

Sponsorship opportunities at these events provide targeted exposure and connection with key audiences.

These are full day events that bring together between 80-350 leaders and HR professionals in the tech community to share, learn and gather the tools and information needed to continue the development and growth of our tech industry’s most valuable resource – people.

If you wish to know more about our sponsorship opportunities, please complete the form below, noting your areas of interest.

Our team will reach out to you with details on upcoming sponsorship opportunities.