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Diversity and Inclusion Tech Project Funding

HR Tech Group is thrilled to announce it will receive provincial and industry funding to support our two-year Diversity and Inclusion Tech Project.  

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BC Employment Standards Act

HR Tech Group Feedback Submission to BC’s Employment Standards Branch

As a result of the provincial government modernization review of BC’s Employment Standards Act, and given the critical importance of the regulation’s high tech worker overtime exemption to our industry’s competitiveness, we worked with Fasken to write a submission asking that the high tech exemption remain as is within the Act.  You can review and download a copy of the HR Tech Group submission here.

Thank you to the team at Fasken for your support and guidance in this important endeavour!

New CEO Announced!

The HR Tech Group is thrilled to announce their new Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Hollingshead to lead the growth of this non-profit organization further!

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Executive Director Quarterly Update

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Archived HR Tech in the community posts:

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When Allison met with Justin Trudeau here (May 2017).

Diversity and Inclusion

HR Tech Group has managed a provincial government funded program to examine diversity and inclusion in our sector, to report on status, and to make recommendations for improvements. 

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Tech Salaries Continue to Rise in BC While Talent Shortages Persist

The 2018 BC Tech Salary Survey has now released its findings! This report covers employment practices including salary forecasts for 2019, overtime, perks, vacation, paid time off and more.

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