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HRTG's Industry Partners

Thank you for wanting to know more about our partners in the industry!

Partnerships are core to building and supporting a successful ecosystem.

We are honoured to share more with you about our industry partners:

BC Tech is a non-profit dedicated to making British Columbia the best place to grow and scale a tech company.

They pursue this mission by: providing places and events for the community to come together; impactful programs that help companies grow, scale, export and adopt technology; up-to-date information about the tech sector; and the solutions required to ensure our industry and our province continue to grow and thrive.

To learn more feel free to visit:

Our members can seek a referral to BC Tech’s Immigration Support Programs.

You can learn more HERE.






Connections. Content. Community.

Cube Business Media Inc. is a boutique conference and exposition company, founded to generate connections, build content & create communities. They create physical hubs and virtual spaces where like-minded individuals can gather, learn, and grow.

In 2021, HR Tech Group partnered with Cube Business Media to produce, manage and grow with the rebranded Tech Talent North conference into annual event that engages people leaders in tech from across Canada and beyond.

To learn more about Cube Business Media,  visit



We seek to collaborate with our partners, sponsors and vendors and with government and other associations. It’s the way we operate.

Partnerships are important to us because they provide our members and our communities with greater opportunities to learn, grow and prosper.

We look forward to creating more industry partnerships so that together we can strengthen our tech community and keep it thriving.


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