Mentorship Program

HR Tech Group Mentorship Program

Human resources issues in technology companies can be challenging.  Would you like to have a mentor to bounce ideas off, learn from and share?  Are you a seasoned professional who would enjoy the reward of sharing your insights with a more junior representative in their career?



To apply, please fill out the appropriate form/survey, telling us a bit more about yourself and the type of person you would like to be matched with.  We match based on HR expertise (to share or receive), geographic location, industry type, etc.  We  do our best to find matches for everyone who applies, but unfortunately cannot guarantee.   Please email us if you have any questions.

Click here for the Mentor Application form/survey

Click here for the Mentee Application form/survey

A few guidelines:

To be successful we do expect participants to follow these general guidelines, to ensure both parties are having their needs met:

  1. Attend the kick-off session with all mentors and mentees, to be held in January or February.
  2. A mentoring term will last 6-7 months, but may be extended.
  3. Participants will connect on a monthly basis (ideally in person) for approximately 2 hours for each session.
  4. The Mentee is required to set goals and priorities for the program in advance.   At each meeting, the Mentee should come prepared with specific questions they would like to discuss.
  5. The Mentor’s responsibility is to offer guidance, coaching or their own suggestions to the Mentee’s questions.

At the end of the mentorship term, feedback will be collected by the HR Tech Group to help us evolve our mentorship program.