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BC Tech Salary Survey

HR Tech Group, in partnership with Mercer, releases the annual BC Tech Salary Survey in early September.  For more than 20 years this Survey has been the definitive resource for the high tech sector in BC. While the survey is based in BC, the data is relevant for all Canadian high tech markets, with several national and international organizations participating.

  • ICT / Clean Tech / Wireless / Life Sciences - software system engineers, engineers,  QA & Testing, multiple production jobs, hardware engineers, application development, product managers, web designers, software support, big data developers, data scientists and more
  • VFX & Animation / Digital Media - animators, visual effects (lighting, technical, etc); modelling, 2D/3D Concept artists, compositors, front end /UI Artists, game designers, producers, programmers, level designers, audio designers, art directors and more
  • Multiple jobs in Sales, Marketing & Communication,  Finance, Human Resources, & Legal
  • Data can be sorted and viewed by tech sector, size of business, annual revenue and number of employees

The September 2018 survey includes data on more than 16,000 incumbents, provided by 120 organizations.

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Key features:

  • Data on over 190 positions, analyzed by size, type of organization, and sub industry.
  • Employment practices including salary forecasts, overtime, perks & benefits, vacation, paid time off and more.
  • Incumbent-weighted and company-weighted statistics for all cash compensation results.
  • Comprehensive statistics, including upper and lower decile, quartile, median and average.
  • Details on short- and long-term incentive awards

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